My contribution to the world.........

Just a few of my favorites, all of which have been resized from 3072x2048 to something smaller (both for pixel size and file size), but most are still at least 150kb, so I wouldn't recommend downloading with a dialup modem.

If anyone wants any of these as a larger size, or a background, or for printing, email me (steve@"REMOVE_THIS_SPAM_HELPER" Or I can print them locally and send them. I've had 8"x12" prints done that look sweet. Enjoy. And please, email me comments, as I can always learn from what others say.

A set of benches outside a little church off ST RD 43 here in Indiana. I was wandering with the camera one fall afternoon having fun.

A picture overlooking Lake Greenwood on the site of Crane Naval Base in Crane, Indiana.

A few picnic benches beside Lake Greenwood, near the marina.

A happy little farm near the junction of ST RD 58 and 54 in Southern Indiana.

Cows from the farm that all were staring at me. I found it very interesting, and I took a picture. Moo!

Ah, the innocence of a small child; I miss those days. This kid was just cute as hell, so I asked her mom if I could shoot some shots, and she agreed. I wish I had gotten an email address from her too.

A little stream in a little nature park near my house in B-town.

A closeup of the stream above.

A seal that just kept talking to me; Sea World - San Diego

The dolphin show at Sea World - San Diego

More of the same..... I bet my shot turned out better than hers. I love having a decent camera again!

My little sister, she just sorta flipped her head around after I beckoned her.

What a cute little guy, right? He gave me the finger after the pic; San Diego Zoo

A happy family of peacocks; San Diego Zoo

I have a thing for flowers, they are pretty.

A shot taken near Vernal, Utah. Damn there is some good scenery there. I'll have to visit more in the summer with my camera.

Again, near Vernal, Utah. There's patriots in them-thar hills.

Oregon is beautiful too.

More Oregon from my trip to the great Northwest, early summer 2003.

More Oregon...... maybe I'll move there.

A Seattle, Washington night shot.

I can't decide whether I like this B&W conversion, or the original above better. Any votes?

This picture hangs framed in my bathroom. Near the San Juan Islands, Washington. What a name! A former entrance pic.

My friend, Riley. Sometimes I get the exact framing on a shot that I love.

A flower poking through.

I sent my Mommy this flower, because I love her.

The Oregon coastline; mountains, ocean, good great beer, what more could I ask for in a state?

One of my favorite shots. Just playing and I got a great exposure.

An untouched shot of the above tree bud.

Keen visitors will notice that this is the unmodified version of an entrance pic.

I like this shot, yet still yearn to get a great shot of the moon.

One of my first pics with my new camera. Again, a former entrance pic.