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A breakfast of churros and really thick hot chocolate.
The display at a local pastry shop.
This guy (a chef maybe) was just wandering down the street. I dont think this meets USDA standards____
A public park. Notice the ping pong table. These were in many of the parks. You bring your own paddle and ball.
The appetizer of our first Spanish lunch.
Duck confit with some sort of awesome sauce and a random starch I cant remember (theyre not potatoes).
Paella. Its pretty, but we had better later.
There were about 20 of these sticking out into an alley. Its about 20 feet up.
The bullfighting ring in Barcelona. We did not see a live bullfight, but saw a televised one. Kinda disturbing.
The beach in Barcelona, with the Westin in the background.
The entrance to La Boqueria, which is one of the best markets in the world.
The Spanish call it Jamon, I call it prosciutto, and you can get it everywhere, and for cheap. Delicious!
Another stand in La Boqueria.
Fish in La Boqueria.
Candy in La Boqueria.
Eggs in La Boqueria. I think the giant egg on the left is prehistoric.
One of many Gaudi buildings.
The Gaudi museum. There is a giant patio on top.
I dont know who these guys were, but theyre captioned on top of a seemingly random building.
A building in Parc Guell.
Overlooking Parc Guell and into Barcelona.
More Parc Guell.
A beautiful lady in Parc Guell.
Yep, shes mine.

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