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Inside the parliament building.
Jamon hanging from the ceiling of El Rinconcillo.
Our drink (1 Euro), and cool bartender in El Rinconcillo.
The outside of El Rinconcillo.
???? Who knows! ????
Theres some better paella. And awesome olives, and an interesting tuna, potato and egg salad. All served with a glass of Cruzcampo.
Inside the Sevilla cathedral.
Stained glass inside the cathedral.
The cathedrals organ. It had to be at least 40 feet tall.
The silver of Saint Mary (or something like that). A lot of the original pieces were sold to fund a war.
A ceiling inside the cathedral.
The purple trees were neat. We were too late for the Sevilla oranges blossoming.
Random art in a park.
A giant tree. Even Arlyns head could eclipse it
Plaza de España.
A map to Sevilla inside Plaza de España.
The coolest gutters ever (Plaza de España).
There are one of these for every
The tower of gold. Well, at least it was until someone stole all the gold.
The flamenco show we saw (blurry, yes, but the best shot we had).
One of several bidets. If you ever get one, youve got to try it.
A random castle. You dont see this in the states.
Two weery travelers aboard the train.
One of the train stations.

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