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The best Spanish beer (of those that we tried).
The Mediterranean. Viewed from the balcony of our room. Awesome!!!
Still weery, but happy about the view.
El gatos locos!!! Roaming the streets of Nerja.
Free tapas with a drink. That fish was about 30 cm long (12 inches for those of you stuck in the land of stupid measurements).
The caves of Nerja.
Holding still for a shot inside the caves.
The roof of the caves.
A viaduct.
Chorizo infierno. Cook your own chorizo at Los Barriles (Nerja).
This guy serenaded the bar.
The tall towers of the Alhambra.
Arlyn and Steve in the sun outside the towers of the Alhambra.
One of the many buildings of the Alhambra.
The detailed wall carvings inside the palace.
The cannons ready to fire.
Looking into the inner areas of the palace, and outside the wall into Granada.
Some of the intricate tilework.
This same pretty lady kept getting in a bunch of my shots.
Individual tiles making up the walls and columns.
Many of the archways had different designs. This one looks onto a pond.
The detail of the archway.
A postcard shot of one of the walls.
Details on a column.

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